Vehicle Relocation

Trying to move your favourite vehicle to the native village? Don’t sweat it; instead, let the professionals do the hefty legwork. At Xpressmove, our expertise in shipping luxury vehicles across the globe is vast. We guarantee 100% safety whether you’re moving to Kashmir or Kanyakumari because we have a proven strategy for decades. Our experts will guide you through the process of shipping your vehicle and getting the best quotes from car transporters around you. If you feel unsure at any point, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.

Xpressmove provides exclusive information about the best automobile transporters that contours to your estimate and preferences. All you need to do is make a listing for your vehicle along with the specs and special requirements in elaborate. Once you’re done creating the listing, we will find professional car transporters with excellent work history who will then bid on the listing for your approval. Our strategy is focussed on locking the best quotes with the most reliable car transporter that fits your chart.

  • Make sure you leave not more than 1/4th fuel in the tank.
  • Clean the car exterior and interior before handing over.
  • Do a basic inspection of the car fluids
  • If you notice any leaks, notify the transport service provider right away.
  • Conduct a battery charge and tyre pressure test.
  • Check the windshield for toll tickets and parking receipts.
  • Click and store snaps of the shipment during pickup and drop using a high quality camera.
  • Remove accessories such as racks, radio antenna and spoilers.
  • Examine the car for any personal property left behind.


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